LUIS+ is the largest specialist wholesaler of safety equipment in Russia.

We are market leaders in the supply of CCTV, EVAC, access control and fire safety equipment. LUIS+ has 20 years experience, we are fully equipped to meet the demands of the safety installation industry.

A number of major International brands have chosen us as their official distributor, and work with us to offer the very best prices to our customers.

Our team of experienced professionals work from a comprehensive network of branches throughout Russia to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

LUIS+ locations include St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Nizniy Novgorod, Perm, Vladivostok, Ufa and the headquarter in Moscow.

LTV - CCTV equipment

Last decade, the global electronics manufacturing is rapidly concentrated in South-East Asia: South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. In recent years the most rapid growth demonstrates the industry in China. Low labor costs, the mentality of people and billions of dollars of Western investment companies provide unprecedented growth of this industry sector.

The production of safety equipment is no exception, especially one of its most rapidly developing areas - video surveillance and recording. There are hundreds of companies on the market representing new brands and types of equipment every year. Among these companies - a great variety of shopping, collecting their nomenclature from different manufacturers, there are manufacturing companies, and, as a rule, one of the classes of devices (e.g. cameras). Quality of products ranging from outright substandard gathered in small, poorly equipped workshops, to the elite passing multilevel quality control devices in place in the nomenclature of the supply of known global market leader.

Russian ultimate consumers are almost impossible to sort out themselves in all the variety offered by the companies of the countries of Southeast Asia. Attempts of a number of domestic suppliers to fill in the section "inexpensive products of acceptable quality" promoting a Korean or Chinese brands, are fraught with significantly unequal quality of products of different subgroups and overpriced in some of these subgroups, because the foreign supplier, as a rule, is not the manufacturer of the full range of products.

At the same time attractive price / performance ratio makes the use of the best examples of these products useful in many practical problems.

In this regard, experts of the Technical Department of LUIS+ assumed the work of ongoing monitoring, analysis, testing and sampling, combining the results of its selection under our own trademarks LTV (CCTV equipment) and LPA (equipment alarm systems and sound).

LTV is currently presented under the brand of 6 equipment producers, and some of this equipment is made specifically for the promotion of branded LTV. Mark represented in all major subgroups of equipment - lenses, black and white, color and rotating cameras, digital stand-alone and computer-based recorders, monitors, guards.

Southeast Asian electronics market is extremely agile. Manufacturing and trading companies intensely emerge, disappear, absorb each other. Users of equipment with the brand LTV protected from the vicissitudes of an emerging market - they always have to deal with functional and complete set of devices, optimal price / quality ratio. The emergence of branded LTV means that the product was tested and yielded positive results, the certification actually provides service and technical support equipment, set up stocks of products and spare parts, lack of cooperation with the manufacturer regarding maintenance of technical documentation and repair.

The technical department of the company LUIS+ hopes that CCTV equipment brands LTV will provide ultimate consumers with an inexpensive and effective solution to the challenges they faced with, and installers - an effective tool to improve their competitiveness.

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